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MARCH 8th – 17th

*The week of Spring Break*

Please prepare in advance to attend the trip. We will be driving out Friday night to enjoy the drive and visiting popular areas like the Grand Canyon, ect. The event is a whole week long. 

Click on the link bellow to access the application. We will review your application and get back with you within a week. Please be prepared for an interview with us.


Thank you for your interest to attend HackHouston! This is our most exciting hackathon yet!


Don't code alone

In today’s technology hub, it’s not all about getting a degree. There’s more you have to do to stand out from your peers! Extracurricular activities like volunteering, hobbies, projects, networking, and technical and soft skills are what important to develop.

TSU-CS provides a non-traditional and all inclusive approach to aid students to become more competitive and stand out. We provide introduction workshops to basics coding languages, frameworks, databases, tech-talks with leaders in technology, and 2 major events! 

Tech Talks

Hear tech professionals and leaders in the field give talks about how they got involved in technology and innovation.


Introduction to popular coding languages, frameworks, and fun stuff!

Code Drills

Professional dev with resume, Programming Interview Prep, and Code Challenges

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